Partnering with Polaris MEP to Improve your Bottom Line

  • February 11, 2020
    8:00 am - 9:30 am

Did you know?

  • Increasing sales without a broader strategy will lead to challenges with staffing, quality and on-time delivery. It may even cut into profits.
  • To remain competitive, manufacturing executives need to spend time working on the business, not just in the business. Employees need to be continually learning too.
  • There are opportunities in every company to improve process, systems and employee engagement—what may seem like small improvements can yield impressive results


Whether you’re a small food producer, a large textile company, or anything in between, this presentation can help you think about your business with fresh eyes.  You’ll learn how companies like yours are making their manufacturing process more efficient, improving quality, and creating marketing and sales strategies that generate growth.

What to expect

  • Take a short assessment to evaluate where your company stands today, and identify areas where improvement will make an impact
  • Learn about opportunities to create growth and reduce risk in your business
  • Discover how Polaris MEP and our partners can help your business sustain and grow

Who Should Attend

Anyone who works in the making or manufacturing of components, parts, products or goods.

About the Presenter

This program will be presented by members of the Polaris MEP team. Since 1996, Polaris MEP has delivered improvement solutions to over 750 Rhode Island manufacturers, helping them achieve sustainable and profitable growth. Our team of seasoned professionals have been part of the manufacturing community through good times and bad–we’ve seen companies struggle, and we’ve helped companies soar. In the last decade, we’ve seen our state’s manufacturing community rebound. Now, we look forward to guiding companies as we navigate the new era of advanced manufacturing together.


1280 High St., Central Falls, Rhode Island, 02863, United States