Facility Layout that is Foundational to Your Ongoing Success

  • New Facility Layout
  • Site Expansion
  • Site Consolidation
  • New Equipment Integration

How Polaris MEP Can Help:

Polaris MEP works with your team to fully understand the requirements, so that planning and implementation of your facility change is a success.

Polaris MEP will work with you to evaluate, design and implement changes to improve process flow, material handling techniques, distribution, safety protocols, ergonomics and machinery upgrades with a constant dedication to quality improvement. Our goal is to improve your competitiveness and growth potential.

Polaris MEP can provide project management, CAD drawings, guidance with equipment selection, contractor and architect consulting.

“Polaris MEP was instrumental in helping the seemingly daunting task of redesigning our current space and designing our additional facility in a way that truly maximized utilization. Their experience helped us to eliminate costly missteps and to maintain our aggressive expansion schedule.“
– Vital Diagnostics


The Process:

Facility change implementation:

  • Prepare AutoCAD of existing-facility layouts
  • Develop project management schedules – incorporate timeline, costing and resources
  • Design new facility and office layouts incorporating Lean process flow
    • Manufacturing Layouts, Office Design
    • Distribution / Stock Room / Warehouse layouts
    • Evacuation Plans – in 3 languages
  • Evaluate inventories, design and implement changes to improve material handling techniques
  • Incorporate 5S and Visual Workplace concepts into the planning process
  • Develop setup plans to save facilities costs
  • Incorporate ergonomics into planning process
  • Provide time studies and other Industrial Engineering services
  • Assure regulatory compliance
  • Analyze and improve safety protocols
  • Anticipate space needs for future growth plans

Project Management