Polaris MEP’s role in Growth, Innovation and Technology Acceleration



Are you considering launching a new product or entering a new market?

Are there specific barriers and opportunities – both technical and market – for your products and business?

Do you need insight to make better strategic, development, and investment decisions?


Idea > Design > Manufacturing > Market

Move your bold concept from idea into the hands of your development team and delivered to the right market faster. This requires a new flexible work style and mindset. Polaris guides you there.

Technology Driven Market Intelligence (TDMI)

Technology Driven Market Intelligence (TDMI) will guide you to make better strategic, development, and investment decisions. It identifies the benefits and market impacts related to your company’s technology-based asset (e.g., idea, product, process, or capability) and provides the customized actionable intelligence you need. Unlike traditional market research, TDMI directly considers the technical and market viability of your asset and characterizes the associated opportunities and barriers. Through a structured process of desk research and expert interviews, TDMI can provide the following intelligence:

  • Identify and characterize markets, trends, value chains, competition, and companies of most interest to you
  • Detail your technical performance and user requirements, and assess how well your assets meet those requirements
  • Describe your best options for development, partnering and market entry
  • Fill in key knowledge gaps around regulatory, intellectual property, or competitive issues

Polaris MEP works with RTI International, a leading innovation consultancy, to provide successful new product and market diversification efforts for our clients through the TDMI framework.


Polaris MEP’s new focus emphasizes both the proven suite of bottom-line services that help manufacturing companies thrive by increasing productivity and decreasing costs, as well as an innovative approach to generating opportunities for top-line growth. Our technology acceleration system catalyzes manufacturer innovations for applications in products, processes, services, and new business models. It will connect small to medium manufacturers with technology solutions developed within research labs at URI and NIST federal labs.

A disciplined process for developing measurably smarter choices for growth.

Polaris has certified growth coaches on staff to facilitate the Eureka! Winning Ways program. It’s part workshop, part leadership training program and part accelerated project management system. Learn a scientific method for improving your sales and marketing effectiveness, the ability to develop new customers/markets and how to create more profitable products and services.

Enterprise Growth Strategies

  • Assess your company from a financial, sales and marketing, manufacturing and organizational perspective;
  • Help you set targets for growth that align with financial objectives and company vision;
  • Develop strategies for reaching new goals;
  • Implement strategies using Lean and Clean methodologies; and
  • Evaluate the status of new product offerings and technology.


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