Learn Lean Office Strategies to Dramatically Increase Workplace Efficiency by Eliminating Waste

Polaris MEP leverages its local and national resources to implement Lean strategies, reducing waste and improving efficiencies in your office. The Lean methodology is a systematic approach to identifying and eliminating waste in your office through continuous improvement.

The Lean Office program was developed for any Manager or Supervisor wanting to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their office’s processes. You’ll learn to identify and eliminate workplace clutter and remove steps in your business processes, resulting in an increase of value-added activities.

What to Expect

There are significant improvements to be gained when using Lean tools to make the office as efficient & effective as possible. This program will:

  • Identify different sources of process waste
  • Examine the negative impact of clutter on the workplace
  • Expose and eliminate steps that do not add value to the business process
  • Sort unnecessary items from the office area and process stream
  • Determine how equipment, materials, documents, reports, and electronic files may be better organized
  • Ensure facilities stay orderly per agreed upon standards

Who Will Benefit

The Lean Office program is intended for those in the government, service and manufacturing industries interested in using Lean tools to realize a more efficient work environment.

  • Small to medium-sized organizations will streamline their processes to accelerate growth.
  • Large organizations will learn to eliminate non-value added activities that have built up over time.

What You Will Gain

At the end of the program you will understand how to eliminate Non-Value Added activities and have implemented techniques for eliminating disorder and preventing it from gaining a foothold in your office.

Contact Polaris MEP for more information on getting started on your Lean Office program.