Marketing Strategy, Tactics, and Training to Drive Top Line Growth

toplineOur Top Line Growth program equips you with the tools, tactics and plan needed to bring your company to the next level of revenue and sales. This new offering is ideal for manufacturers looking to accelerate their sales growth.

Our experts will lead you in building and implementing a transformative marketing strategy that will move your top line, bringing in new prospects, helping you cross-sell and up-sell existing customers and attracting qualified new hires.

Uncover attractive new markets, craft updated branding materials, develop internal marketing programs and overhaul your lead generation process over the course of the program. In addition, we also offer customized, in-house marketing training sessions on topics ranging from social media strategy to marketing automation basics.

Program Elements

info-market-researchMarket Research
In order to build a successful, growth-centered marketing strategy, you must understand and evaluate every detail of your competitors, target market, and current company practice and status. Our Market Research module provides the rigorous due diligence necessary to confidently assess and target new markets for the next stage of growth.


info-marketing-strategyMarketing Strategy
A comprehensive strategic marketing plan is the key to achieve dramatic top-line growth. Our qualified experts will develop a marketing plan that will set the roadmap needed to drive the next stage of growth. The strategy will deep dive into the activities and marketing channels that are most likely to drive new business in the most cost effective way possible accompanied by an implementation schedule that charts out the steps needed to be taken to carry out the strategy.


info-branding-materialsBranding Materials
The ability to clearly communicate the value of your product and brand so to attract and convert business depends on having credible looking marketing assets that stand out from the competition. This module accomplishes this by refreshing a manufacturer’s core marketing assets including; website, messaging, pitch decks, social media properties, proposals and email templates.


info-lead-generationLead Generation
Our lead generation module is for manufacturers who already have a marketing strategy in place but need assistance with the execution of the day-to-day lead generation initiatives. In this module we will develop and implement a lead generation action plan tasked with generating as many leads possible using the most cost-effective marketing tools and channels available. Typical initiatives implemented will include; email, paid search, SEO, event management, LinkedIn and content marketing.


info-marketing-trainingMarketing Training
Standard or customized marketing trainings are available to train your employees in critical marketing topics so they are best prepared for success. These in-person trainings will ensure that your team is ready to take the steps needed for growth. Examples of marketing training topics include; social media, marketing automation, digital marketing, email marketing and lead generation.

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