Training Resources and Funding Within Reach

With the right skills, your team can meet the requirements of an ever-shifting marketplace.

As the Manufacturing Sector Workforce Intermediary for Real Jobs RI, Polaris MEP is poised to address your company’s workforce needs by providing new hire placement and training assistance and/or incumbent worker trainings. Both services are highly customizable to ensure you are obtaining and retaining people with the skills that fit your needs.

Polaris MEP supports several intensive hands-on skills training programs for organizations that train unemployed and underemployed Rhode Islanders in a variety of manufacturing-based careers. These trainings include welding/fabrication, machining, and marine trades. As such, local companies gain access to a pool of individuals prepared with the technical and soft skills necessary to advance your business.

Incumbent worker training is vital to retaining current employees, adding to their skill sets, and raising their performance levels is essential to growing your business. By instilling a culture of continuous improvement, your team will always be ready to tackle the advanced manufacturing challenges of the future.

I see training as critical to helping our business push into new markets. The team at Polaris MEP has been great to work with for many years. Their services such as Job Instruction and skills training help us stay competitive and grow.

Mary Jane Connell
Human Resources Manager,
Colonial Mills, Inc.