FY 2023 Annual Report – Rhode Island’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership Center

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Accelerating Manufacturing Growth & Innovation in the Ocean State

Chart showing positive economic impact generated by Polaris MEP consulting services in FY 2023.

Polaris MEP, Rhode Island’s Manufacturing Extension center, helps clients move forward by

> cultivating the next generation workforce,

> transfering technology and expertise, and

> leveraging national / regional resources to support RI’s small and medium-sized manufacturers.

Through these efforts, Polaris MEP’s IMPACT during FY 2023 (July 2022 through June 2023) included $49.3 million in increased or retained sales,  and 681 jobs added or retained.

Delivering Local IMPACT from State- and Federally-Funded Support

Polaris MEP leverages state funding to pull federal dollars down and provide resources to Rhode Island manufacturing companies. This sector includes ~1,400+ employers and accounts for nearly 10% of the state’s private sector workforce.

A trusted non-profit, we are uniquely positioned to deliver measurable impact from state and federal investments.

The “MEP” in our name stands for Manufacturing Extension Partnership, and is key to our achievements.

  • We are mission-driven to grow and strengthen RI’s Manufacturing sector.
  • We are the local affiliate of the national Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership network and a business unit of the URI Research Foundation. This Extends our reach so we can leverage regional and national resources to benefit RI.
  • We Partner with industry, academia, government and beyond to maximize results.

Download a PDF of the report to learn more about the positive outcomes of work with manufacturing employers in FY2023.

Questions? Comments? Call Marketing Manager Erin Read at 401-270-8896 x 406.


2023 Annual IMPACT Report

Click on the image to download a PDF of this year’s Polaris MEP Annual IMPACT report.

Image - cover of Polaris MEP Fiscal 2023 annual economic report. A young man works on a CNC manufacturing machine.