Workforce Development

Retraining your current employees can help retain workers and avoid a gap in skilled labor. With training, these employees can learn the skills necessary to continue and advance in their roles, while also advancing your company’s bottom line.

Lindsey Brickle
Program Manager, The Phoenix Partnership

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How We Help


Securing resources for training

The Governor’s Workforce Board (GWB) Incumbent Worker Training Grant Program is funded by the Job Development Fund (JDF). This program provides matching grants to businesses to increase the skills of current employees. We can help you satisfy application requirements and acquire funding without delay.


Developing critical skills

Polaris MEP can help boost the impact of your OJT programs with cutting-edge training in areas such as lean enterprise, continuous improvement, quality and management systems, succession planning, and many others.


A direct line to the help you need

Polaris MEP is the manufacturing industry partner for the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training. We work hand in hand to make sure manufacturers get the hiring and training needs they require.


Get your people up to speed

Polaris MEP provides a variety of workshops, lunch & learns, bus tours and more to help your team informed on the latest tools and techniques, or brush up on the essentials.


Training in context

Onsite training drives home the critical nature of the training and can have an immediate impact on your workforce and workplace. Because it is conducted in your business, the best practice takeaways are seen less as theoretical. Trainees have a sense of ownership because we are showing them how to improve their particular area and tasks.

A Direct Connection to Development Resources

  • Polaris MEP works closely with the RI Department of Labor & Training, as well as numerous Workforce Development organizations. Our access is your access.
  • Training programs conducted by seasoned manufacturing veterans
  • Boost your competitiveness and future-proof your team with continuous development and long term learning plans

Related Results

Industry experts encourage manufacturers to engage with and recruit younger workers now to learn the ropes and learn from skilled, experienced employees.

Phil Ward
Project Manager, Polaris MEP

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