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Polaris MEP is perhaps one of the most worthwhile of all business development organizations with whom we’ve engaged.

Chase Hogoboom
President, Goetz Composites

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A seasoned network of professionals

After listening to your goals, we can introduce you to vetted marketing professionals who will assess your needs. We can help with plan development, vendor selection, and ongoing support. Finding the right firm for your needs is half the battle. Polaris MEP can help you find the experts that can take you to the next level.


Putting strategy to work

Once you’ve got the right professionals in place to help you reach your growth goals, you’ll need help putting plans into action. It’s time to stop talking about “doubling sales” and to begin doing it. With your marketing and sales strategy fleshed out, your new marketing team can create the deliverables—from websites to sales decks—that will produce strong increases in lead generation and customer conversion.


Value propositions that connect

In today’s competitive market, you need to clearly communicate how you can solve your customers’ problems. Creating a right-sized sales strategy and identifying strong value propositions will increase your ability to convert leads. Polaris MEP can help you find the right external resources to help capture what your customers love about you, develop market opportunities, and create metrics for proactive selling.


Clear messaging that attracts

To stay competitive, you need to market yourself with great photography, crisp design, and clear value propositions. To follow up effectively, your website and marketing tools need modern functionality to convert visitors into leads and leads to into customers. Polaris MEP has developed a network of vetted professionals who can help you get the job done with impressive results.


Leveraging external resources

With the right third-party support, your team can produce maximized results without heavy headcount increases. Polaris MEP can help you find what you need to ensure that your team reaches its fullest potential.

Growth You Can Count on

  • Decades of successful manufacturing industry experience at your disposal
  • A structured program to guide you past pitfalls
  • A proven process with measurable impact

Related Results

Polaris MEP has been great in introducing me to new customers and other manufacturers that we can work with.

John Caito III
President, Amerisewn

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