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An Interactive Guide to Best Practices for Staying Safe AND Staying Open for Business During the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

Manufacturers in Rhode Island have remained open throughout the COVID-19 crisis, in recognition of the industry’s commitment to protecting workers, following Department of Health guidelines and supporting our larger community.

In an effort to provide extended support, Polaris MEP and the Rhode Island Manufacturers Association (RIMA) have developed this “Playbook” for manufacturers to help employees resume full-time work, restart operations and/or recover or ramp up production.

The comprehensive Playbook addresses critical questions such as:

  • What new facility access, disinfecting and distancing protocols are needed?
  • How can you follow state guidance on the manufacturing floor while operating as efficiently as possible?
  • What disinfectants are best for fighting COVID-19 coronavirus?
  • When can employees who suspect or are confirmed positive for COVID-19 able to safely return to work?
  • Where can you find signage to reinforce the “new normal” of interactions, or masks to comply with state face covering orders?

Click here or on any of the Playbook images to download the PDF.

Contact Polaris MEP at info@polarismep.org or 401-270-8896 with Playbook questions and suggestions — OR to discuss how our team can help you implement recommendations.

Stay Current with Changes & Get Support

State and federal guidance changes frequently, and some tips may need to be adjusted based on vaccine status. Visit https://covid.ri.gov/ for the latest updates and regulations.

Polaris MEP Project Managers are available to support your team in implementing and sustaining COVID-19 safety protocols. They can provide a pair of fresh eyes on the measures put in place or help you braintorm solutions that maintain productivity and health.

Use the form below to schedule a free COVID-19 consultation.

Version 3 – 12/17/2021

Excerpt pages RI Manufacturing coronavirus Workplace Readiness Playbook

Checklists and suggested best practices.