Implement a Lean Culture for Profitability, Productivity, and Competitiveness

Waste is a thief. Lean eliminates waste to the greatest extent possible.

Lean manufacturing is a cultural mindset of continuous improvement that makes your business more agile, competitive, and profitable. It’s generally done by eliminating activities that don’t add value.

Polaris MEP will guide your lean journey and promote a culture where employees at all levels will be empowered to ensure quality at the source of all operations. With continuous improvement tools and training in place, your business will become more flexible, efficient, and competitive.

Half day, full day, multiple-day, and customized lean training sessions with on-site assessments and implementation services are available.

Where Is Your Company On Its Lean Journey?

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We signed up to bring about cultural change but the benefits we got were far different. The successes we achieved are a testament to the power of the tool (lean) and the people who engaged in the process.

Michael Akkaoui
President and CEO, Tanury Industries


Your Biggest Challenges Solved

Market Competitiveness

Improve Quality

Reduce Expenses

How We Help – Continuous Improvement Programs


When you combine a lean view of the flow between tasks with data-based decision making, you’ll see a wealth of efficiency and quality improvements.

  • Training for all levels
  • Kaizen events
  • Toyota Kata coaching


The shop floor is where the rubber meets the road. Through

  • a visual workplace,
  • 5S,
  • discipline in standard work,
  • process mapping, and
  • value stream mapping,

you’ll unnecessary movement, saving time and improving efficiency.


There are lots of ways to understand lean. We offer real-life examples and case studies, hands-on activities, cultural instruction, methodology, and lots more.

The result is a deep understanding that you can put into practice.


Introducing your organization to lean principles in a small pilot project is a low-risk way to get a sense of the benefits lean can deliver.

We’ll help you pick the right pilot, equip and coach team members, and capture learnings for successful projects which can be consistently repeated.


“Sustain” is the fifth “S” of lean manufacturing and where companies can lose momentum.

Our coaches and facilitators can help you develop lean leaders who are proactive when it comes to surfacing and solving problems, and capable of executing on lean strategic roadmaps.

Become a Lean Enterprise

  • Produce more with existing resources by eliminating non-value added activities
  • Establish a systematic approach which eliminates the “8 Lean Wastes” and creates flow
  • Develop a sustainable plan to streamline operations for success


The staff at Polaris MEP is focused on results rather than just delivering some standardized approach – an important difference in focus. We give Polaris MEP very high marks as an organization that meets and exceeds expectations.

Richard Nadeau
Videology Imaging Solutions,
VP Global Operations

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