Polaris MEP is seeking providers that offer high-quality, market-driven, cost-effective services to help Rhode Island manufacturers grow. Please read about the benefits and qualification process, then fill out the form below.

Benefits to working with Polaris MEP:

  • Sales and Distribution Channel
    Access to 1,600 small- to medium-sized manufacturing companies in Rhode Island which reduces the resource’s marketing costs and provides an opportunity to increase sales.
  • Pre-qualified Prospects
    Polaris MEP conducts the initial assessment and brings the resource in only after a need has been identified; significantly reducing the resource’s selling cost and cycle.
  • Limited Liability
    All contracts are written between the resource and Polaris MEP guaranteeing that you will get paid if all the project requirements are met.

Become a Polaris MEP Resource:

  • Qualification Process
    Please provide basic information about your organization, areas of expertise, industry focus and references as requested in the Consulting Resource Application on this page.
    Note: Polaris MEP does not accept applications from organizations that are product vendors and/or re-sellers. Incomplete applications will not be processed. All questions should be submitted via email.
  • Service Development
    If Polaris MEP has a demand for the type of service(s) that your organization provides, you will be asked to submit project objective and outcome information, resource biography(ies) and a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Once reviewed and accepted by Polaris MEP, you will be notified and may be invited to present an overview of your organization’s capabilities.
  • Conducting a Client Project
    When a potential client need is identified, you will be contacted by Polaris MEP in order to schedule a preliminary meeting with the client, negotiate project cost and payments, and confirm service offerings. Contracts are created between Polaris MEP and the resource for a specific client project.
    Note: Polaris MEP does not pay travel expenses. Resources are not allowed to contact Polaris MEP directly unless a specific project is being discussed.
  • Quality Control and Monitoring Project Work
    During the project, a Polaris MEP representative will be responsible for macro project management to ensure that the project is on schedule, within budget and meets our quality expectations. Soon after project completion, the client receives a brief online customer satisfaction survey to determine (A) if they were happy with the services we provided them, (B) whether the project added value to the company, and (C) what type of positive impact do they anticipate this project having on their company. For federal reporting purposes, NIST MEP also surveys the clients with more in-depth questions six months to a year after the project concludes.

For questions or support with the form, please contact Rob Chipman, rchipman@polarismep.org

Resource Application

Polaris MEP seeks providers that offer high-quality, market-driven, cost-effective services to help Rhode Island manufacturers grow. Apply to join our resource network.

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