Technology Acceleration

Innovation has been the driving force for many of the fantastic products made in Rhode Island. Composites heading for space, textiles catching aircraft, military pins for those protecting our country, defibrillators and superfoods to name just a few.

Christian Cowan
Center Director, Polaris MEP

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How We Help


Evaluate processes and maximize flow

Frustrated by the lack of connectivity or communication with your business systems? Polaris MEP can help you evaluate your current processes and practices and choose systems (ERP, CRM, automation) to improve data collection and analysis and inventory management and process flow.


University research that improves competitiveness

Worried you’re falling behind and need to adapt in order to remain competitive? The faculty at URI and the region’s other universities and federal labs may have research that can help you position your company for success in the global Manufacturing 4.0 environment. We can evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and help you discover technologies that could transform your company.


Own the technological revolution

R&D can make the difference between dominating your industry and getting left behind. We can assist you in creating a strategic plan to focus on R&D while minimizing risk. This includes improving systems to review testing data, which allows you to detect and develop promising technology faster. Polaris MEP can also help you access government equipment, programs, and incentives to harness existing expertise and move you along the path to commercialization.


University expertise moves you forward

The faculty at URI and the region’s other universities offer a tremendous depth of expertise that can provide you with a competitive edge. Polaris MEP offers services to help you pull existing research from government labs, URI, and other universities that may have the potential to transform your business. We can also help you evaluate your industrial processes to identify areas for innovation and connect you with university and state programs that can help you bring your ideas to reality.


Accelerate by helping businesses grow

Polaris MEP partners with university and government labs to match early stage developers with local supply chain partners (particularly manufacturers) who specialize in prototyping and low volume production runs. This can help you pursue innovative initiatives while also supporting exciting new talent and companies.

Connecting Manufacturers with World Class Researchers

  • Connect to resources and inventors to develop next-generation products for your customers
  • Collaborate on innovative concepts and stay ahead of your competition
  • Diversify your product line to serve broader markets

I’m bullish on Rhode Island manufacturing, but even more on the innovative manufacturers behind it.

Christian Cowan
Center Director, Polaris MEP

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