DFARS Cybersecurity Compliance Program


 – Are you in the DoD supply chain?

 – Are you working on implementation of the security requirements in NIST SP 800-171, relating to DFARS cybersecurity clause 204.253-7012?

 – Are you working on your Security Assessment, System Security Plan, and Plan of Action?

Contractors and subcontractors can use (System Security Plans) SSPs and plans of actions to document their implementation of the NIST SP 800-171 controls. By using SSPs and plans of action, prime contractors and subcontractors can be compliant with the DFARS cybersecurity clause even if implementation extends after the 12/31/17 deadline.

How can Polaris help you?

  • We can facilitate your self-assessment of your system security against the NIST SP 800-171 controls
  • We can facilitate your development of your System Security Plan and Plan of Action
  • We can connect you with resources for professional technical assessments, and for implementation following your assessments
  • We can help you with developing policies to address the policy requirements of NIST SP 800-171
  • We can help you with training your employees in cybersecurity awareness

DoD/Primes may request to review System Security Plans and plans of action, and may consider them as inputs in a source selection decisions or in an overall risk management decision to allow CUI to be processed on a sub/contractors internal system. Contact us using the form below to get started.




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