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Start Date

June 15, 2022 12:00 pm

End Date

June 15, 2022 02:00 pm


315 Iron Horse Way, Providence, 02908, Rhode Island, United States


Polaris MEP



This “Lunch & Learn” event is for Rhode Island manufacturers only.

By integrating 3D scanning into your quality reporting/measurement or taking advantage of the technology to reverse engineer a part, you can speed up your workflow, improve quality and improve customer satisfaction.

3D scanning technology offers very real benefits to small and medium-sized manufacturers in a variety of areas. Join Polaris MEP and 3D scanning specialist Christopher Wilczewski to learn about two critical applications relevant to your business AND get an opportunity to “play” with the equipment!

In the first half of the program, discover the potential benefits of 3D scanning instruments as it relates to quality. 

Attendees will learn how 3D scans could improve the quality reports provided to customers, increasing satisfaction. The technology also can be used to confirm that the parts you receive from your suppliers meet your expectations – or even modify them to fit your needs.

For example, are you struggling with a plastic part and can’t figure out why? A 3D scan could help you spot deformations AND the data can be used to modify molds to produce the correct shape.

After a short break in which lunch will be served, the second half focuses on reverse engineering/CAD.

It’s a challenge that becomes more common by the day: A smaller manufacturer can no longer get critical parts from their supplier, but drawings don’t exist. How will they continue to meet customer contracts?

OR, drawings have changed over the decades but weren’t documented along the way. How long would it take to reverse engineer that key part and get work flowing again?


  1. Physically interact with 3D scanning technology
  2. Discover how to increase customer satisfaction by integrating 3D scans into quality reports
  3. Overview of the role 3D scans play in the “new” reverse engineering
  4. Understand how you can create Surface CAD bodies to be used in traditional CAD applications – even with organically shaped or hand made objects
  5. Hear how 3D scans can allow for modern manufacturing such as Additive / 3D printing or forging
  6. Manufacturer Mini-Success Story


  • Owners, Founders, senior executives of RI manufacturing companies
  • Engineering, Maintenance, Procurement leads
  • Operations, Production leads



Christopher Wilczewski is the Founder and CEO of Functional 3D, a 3D scanning service and consulting company based in Providence, RI.   The focus of Functional 3D is to bring the value of 3D capture technology without the large upfront costs and time associated with integrating this kind of technology.  Industries supported include commercial construction, manufacturing, design and historical preservation with projects as small as a Revolutionary War era flint to as large as a 17-story building in New York City.

Prior to starting his own firm, Christopher was an engineer and account manager at FARO Technologies, one of the leading manufacturers of 3D capture technologies.  There he had the opportunity to learn and develop workflows in various fields and organizations across the US igniting his passion for the technology.

Christopher is a member of DesignXRI and the Rhode Island Manufacturing Association.

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