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Start Date

June 07, 2023 11:00 am

End Date

June 07, 2023 11:30 am




Polaris MEP



This course has been postponed. If you’re interested in Toyota Kata or other Lean Manufacturing solutions, please email Nathan at

Bring your Toyota Kata questions and get answers, insights & tips from Lean Manufacturing specialist Nathan Bonds!

An “AMA” or “Ask Me Anything” event is a fast-moving session in which you pose questions and get answers in real time. A fun and free-wheeling approach to learning about a topic that can help your Rhode Island Manufacturing business.

In this half-hour, online session, Polaris MEP’s Nathan Bonds will answer any questions about Toyota Kata.

Toyota Kata’s systematic approach helps manufacturing teams develop the continous improvement habits that stick. It’s a structured way to create a culture of learning and a solutions mindset.

Use the form to submit Toyota Kata questions in advance or bring them to the AMA and pose them live!

About the Specialist

Polaris MEP Project Manager, Nathan Bonds, is an experienced manufacturer certified by the TWI Institute to train others in the Job Relations methodology.

Nathan has over 20 years of manufacturing experience as an Assembler, Supervisor, Coordinator, Engineer, Continuous Improvement Manager and Quality Manager. He has worked in the Automotive Industry, Injection Molding, Electroplating, Manual Hand Spraying, Paint Automation, Vibe, Polish and Buffing, Sublimation, and Precious Metals Industry. He is a passionate trainer and teacher.

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