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Start Date

August 21, 2023 08:00 am

End Date

August 25, 2023 10:30 am


315 Iron Horse Way, Providence, 02908, RI


Polaris MEP



Strengthen relationships, reduce employee turnover by training manufacturing supervisors through the Training Within Industry (TWI) methodology.

TWI Job Relations training addresses common challenges faced by manufacturing supervisors: establishing and maintaining good relations with their front-line workers, and dealing with problems as they arise.

August 21 to 25 2023, 8:00am to 10:30 am daily

In this week-long program, students will be trained to use a simple, repeatable and proven methodology. Participants will gain good leadership skills and become stronger supervisors because they know how to:

  • Build trust and collaboration needed for continuous improvement
  • Have a consistent, coachable methodology for dealing with “people problems”
  • Create an inclusive work environment; help all employees contribute to their full potential
  • Better attract, train and retain employees with no manufacturing experience

What to Expect

Through a week of interactive classes, you’ll learn how to handle problems and how to prevent them from occurring.

  • Session 1: Polaris MEP’s instructors will review the needs of good supervisors and introduce a Four-Step Method for good Job Relations.
  • Sessions 2 through 4: The class will practice the Four-Step Method by collaborating on a case study. Participants also will review current workplace problems to see how the Four-Step Method could/should be applied to every day work.
  • Session 5: Review current workplace problems and the application of the Four-Step Method. Explore how to get acceptance of TWI’s Job Relations methodology at your Rhode Island manufacturing business.

Click here or on the image at right to download a PDF with a course outline.

Cost: $350/person

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About the Trainer

Polaris MEP Project Manager, Nathan Bonds, is an experienced manufacturer certified by the TWI Institute to train others in the Job Relations methodology.

Nathan has over 20 years of manufacturing experience as an Assembler, Supervisor, Coordinator, Engineer, Continuous Improvement Manager and Quality Manager. He has worked in the Automotive Industry, Injection Molding, Electroplating, Manual Hand Spraying, Paint Automation, Vibe, Polish and Buffing, Sublimation, and Precious Metals Industry. He is a passionate trainer and teacher.

Polaris MEP is committed to offering the best business improvement programs to Rhode Island Manufacturers.

In order to achieve that goal and to justify continued U.S. Department of Commerce funding for these services, participants are asked to provide impact data and assessment. You’ll be asked for feedback through a short online survey within 1-3 days of this program and possibly again through an impartial third-party survey firm, 6-12 months after the course ends.

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