ChemArt Sustains Success with Polaris MEP

“The lean training and implementation has allowed for a fundamental change in the way we approach problem-solving. Decisions are now based on teamwork, gaining consensus and buy-in from the managers and employees. As a result, the company is more flexible and adaptable. The lean initiative has allowed non-management employees to develop and utilize problem-solving and management skills."

Kurt Hague, President


Upon completion of an enterprise assessment, Polaris MEP worked with ChemArt to help it secure a training grant, funded by the Rhode Island Governor’s Workforce Board.  Polaris MEP began training over 80 employees in Lean 101Value Stream Mapping, and 5S.  Polaris MEP worked with the company to select a steering committee to begin implementing lean principles into the day to day operations.


  • Remodeling of the company’s chemistry lab

  • Annual savings of $55,000 through staff and lab usage realignment

  • Savings in over $13,000 worth of recycled copper

  • Quicker turnaround time in production for customers, a total savings of $15,000 per year

  • Lean initiative allowed for employee growth, with the hiring of a Compliance Administrative Assistant and Business Development officer.