Contech Medical Inc.’s Road to Success

“The manufacturing improvements have saved Contech over $50,000 and increased the investment in our workforce by $20,000. With our out-of-pocket investment of $10,000 the return on investment to our company is $7 to $1. That ROI helped our organization to reinvest in the company.”

Don LaChapelle
Chief Financial Officer, Contech Medical


Contech worked with Polaris MEP and, through a Governors Workforce Training Grant, trained employees in Lean Manufacturing tools and techniques which have proved highly valuable. Polaris MEP provided the training and implementation services and also assisted with grant writing to off-set the cost.


  • Close to $500,000 in investments in infrastructure and technology improvement

  • The hiring of interns from local colleges seeking “real world” experiences

  • Further commitment to growth, diversification, and the highest quality product