Contech Medical Inc.’s Road to Success

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Company Profile

Contech is a multimillion-dollar contract manufacturer of a whole range of patented and proprietary medical products. The company was one of the first in Rhode Island to achieve ISO13485, a manufacturing standard, which encompasses a host of in depth quality requirements for the comprehensive management, design and manufacture of medical devices.Company Profile

Located in Providence, the company is a global supplier of medical devices to some of the largest companies in the world including Bard, Johnson & Johnson and Boston Scientific. With more than 100 employees and exports to more than eight countries, Contech routinely posts double-digit yearly sales growth.


Contech Medical supplies a whole suite of products ranging from drug delivery equipment to dental implants and medical packaging. Their flexibility such as their ability to retool in 15 minutes in response to a customer call, is a unique asset. Contech was already in a strong place, but wanted to work towards growth via Lean Manufacturing implementation.


Close to $500,000 in investments in infrastructure and technology improvement
Hiring interns from local colleges
Further commitment to growth, diversity and quality

“The manufacturing improvements have saved Contech over $50,000 and increased the investment in our workforce by $20,000. With our out-of-pocket investment of $10,000 the return on investment to our company is $7 to $1. That ROI helped our organization to reinvest in the company.”

Don LaChapelle
Chief Financial Officer, Contech Medical


Contech worked with Polaris MEP and, through a Governors Workforce Training Grant, trained employees in Lean Manufacturing tools and techniques which have proved highly valuable. Polaris MEP provided the training and implementation services and also assisted with grant writing to off-set the cost.