Kenyon Industries Physical Testing Laboratory Certified to ISO 9001


The solution was obvious; attain ISO accreditation. But it is extremely difficult for small or medium sized companies to afford the type of staff necessary to embark on such an endeavor. Consulting services are generally extremely expensive and out of reach of companies like Kenyon. Instead Kenyon’s President, Joanne Bagley, contacted Polaris MEP (formerly RIMES, Rhode Island Manufacturing Extension Services). A non-profit receiving partial funding through the National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST), Polaris MEP provides expert training and consulting services at affordable rates.


  • Kenyon Industries received ISO 9001:2008 certification resulting in the retention of valuable business.

  • Two contracts alone, involved 81 government lot presentations requiring test reports which Kenyon could not have produced without ISO certification.

  • Losing these two contracts would have meant eliminating one full-time lab technician.

  • Kenyon now had the ability to produce lab reports in a timely and economical manner for their customers.