Leading Video Camera Developer and Manufacturer Focuses on Continuous Improvement

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Company Profile

Videology Imaging Solutions is an OEM manufacturer of industrial-grade video cameras and related devices, systems and software. Their cameras are used in a broad spectrum of applications including surveillance, gaming, law enforcement, life sciences, aerospace, machine vision, biometrics and diagnostic imaging.

Videology specializes in meeting the custom requirements of OEMs and large-scale integrators. They are continuously developing new products, including analog, digital, and USB CCD & CMOS based cameras.

Videology products are integrated by OEM customers into systems across the globe. The company is ISO 9001 registered and has manufactured cost-effective imaging equipment at their United States facility since 1991. 


Videology had dedicated resources to implement continuous improvement methodologies within key production areas, including assembly and testing, the stockroom and shipping functional areas. However, limited project management resources were available to actively pursue continuous improvement strategies, due to competing priorities of critical production activities.

The organization sought project management support to develop, implement, and maintain improved manufacturing process flow in partnership with Polaris MEP promote and cultivate continuous improvement culture within the shop through hands-on learning activities. 


3 new or retained jobs

More than $25,000 increased investment in workforce practices or employee skills

The staff at Polaris is focused on results rather than just delivering some standardized approach – an important difference in focus. We give Polaris very high marks as an organization that meets and exceeds expectations.

Richard Nadeau
VP, Videology


Polaris MEP project managers facilitated and mentored improvement teams in the implementation of continuous improvement strategies as identified through collaboration with the management and area teams. Polaris provided assessments of lean opportunities to management in alignment with company growth goals with expected outcomes and improvement metrics. Polaris MEP helped to identify leaders within functional workgroups and foster improvement projects selected to drive positive change at all levels of the company’s value stream.