Mahr Inc. Sees Measurable Results from Relationship with Polaris MEP

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Company Profile

Mahr Inc. is a leader in modern metrology, manufacturing innovative measuring tools and technologies from its US headquarters in Providence and at production facilities around the world.

Parent company Mahr has a history that dates back to 1861. Rhode Island’s Federal Products Co. was founded in 1918. They merged in 1999 to become Mahr Inc.

Mahr’s staff is key to its success and growth. Skilled applications engineers, production specialists, customer service pros and more work together to provide precision measurement solutions on a global scale. Industries served include automotive and aerospace, medical products, electrical, plastics, and optics.


Mahr Inc. has experienced consistently strong growth in the last years. They needed help finding new quality candidates to meet production rates. The company also was looking for some specific upskilling as well as leadership training to enhance the skills of current team members and assist in employee retention.


Direct cost savings of $25,000 annually
>$50,000 investments in workforce practices and employee skills
2 jobs retained or added
$5,000 unnecessary investments avoided
Mahr Inc rep shows metrology instruments to students at Polaris MEP 2022 Manufacturing Day

Working with Polaris MEP is easy! The Polaris MEP team is very responsive, professional, and prepared. Each time that we have approached them, they have come back with solutions to our challenges.

Don Foisy
Director of Operations, Mahr Inc


Mahr employees initially sought resources from Polaris MEP, Rhode Island’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership Center, based on the MEP’s staff expertise and industry knowledge.

Over the years, the relationship has grown along with Mahr.

Polaris MEP team members have supported Mahr’s HR teams with recruiting. The client has interviewed and hired candidates from Polaris MEP’s Fast Track to CNC Manufacturing program. This training program is funded by the state Department of Labor & Training and produces quality candidates for skilled production careers.


MEP staffers regularly identify workforce programs and financial incentives available to Mahr through the State of Rhode Island. Mahr leveraged a “Machine & Marine” program launched during the COVID-19 pandemic to subsidize hiring and training.

“I personally view Polaris MEP as the best alternative to apprenticeship programs that no longer exist,” said Don Foisy, Director of Operations.

Mahr staffers also have been upskilled through training provided directly by Polaris MEP’s manufacturing advisors or through the Center’s network of specialists. This has included leadership development, 5S Lean training, and customized Soldering training for roughly 20 workers.

“In this current labor market, the Polaris MEP team has been an invaluable resource, from providing quality candidates to identifying workforce grants to offering employee training programs,” said Karen Gardner, Director of Human Resources.

Foisy added: “Polaris MEP is important to Mahr’s growth, and I believe it will be critical to sustaining and growing manufacturing in Rhode Island for the foreseeable future.”