Outlook Sunny for eNow After Polaris MEP ISO Assistance

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Company Profile

eNow is an innovative, clean-technology company, specializing in renewable energy systems. The company was formed in 2011 to introduce advanced solar power technologies to the transportation industry.  Their proprietary solar panel systems use the latest in technology to capture and convert the sun’s energy into useable power. The transportation industry uses eNow’s solution in place of traditional diesel fuel, thereby reducing operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

eNow solar panels capture energy to power HVAC, refrigeration, lift gate, battery charging and safety lighting systems.  The results from implementing eNow panels are: reduced fuel consumption; reduced maintenance costs such as oil changes, engine overhauls and battery change outs; reduced emissions, to meet and comply with regulatory requirements; stand-by power when the truck engine is not running; power to truck de-icing system; electrical power to off-load alternator loads; a cleaner environment. 


eNow markets their products through various distribution channels. The company was committed to establishing an ISO 9001 system from day one.


Company appeals to a wider market
$1m purchase order as a direct result of certification
Increased capacity of one furnace by 25% by reducing load to load turnaround
Employees often surface operational efficiency ideas as business grows

“The engagement with Polaris MEP has already opened doors by meeting our channel partner’s ISO requirement. We expect that the work we have done with them will lead to even more revenue and jobs down the road.”

Jeffrey Flath, President and CEO


eNow brought in Polaris MEP, whose team members have over 40 years of collective experience with the ISO quality standard. Polaris MEP personnel walked through all of the steps involved in the preparation of the documentation essential to certification, to make the workload as easy as possible on eNow.  Polaris MEP was able to help write the Quality Manual and supporting documents, and provide auditor trainings and management reviews.  Polaris MEP’s approach was efficient, generating only the documentation that was critical to the certification and avoiding the extraneous, over documentation that often accompanies such an engagement.