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Onboard Talent Faster, Keep Skilled Workers Longer with Manufacturing Training Within Industry (TWI)

A thoughtfully-designed workforce development strategy can reduce employee turnover, increase productivity, improve customer service and lower costs.

If any of the following challenges sound familiar, Polaris MEP manufacturing Training Within Industry (TWI) services can help:

  • It’s hard to find and hire good people – and even tougher to retain them
  • It takes too long to train and upskill people (you never have enough time to do it “right”)
  • Some employees are “aging out” and their expertise will be missed as they do
  • You want to enhance and accelerate your people’s development and career growth


What Is Manufacturing Training Within Industry?

Training Within Industry (TWI) was established at the beginning of World War II by the United States Government. Through this initiative, US manufacturers were able to significantly accelerate the speed and quality of production — with a workforce previously untrained for production jobs.

TWI is an effective training method that has been proven over 80 years to both reduce training time AND make workers more productive. There are three components:

  1. JOB RELATIONS (JR) — teach leaders how to prevent problems and effectively resolve conflicts
  2. JOB INSTRUCTION (JI) — quickly train employees to do a job correctly, safely, conscientiously
  3. JOB METHODS (JM) — teach leaders how to continuously improve the way jobs are done


Benefits of Training Within Industry

Together, the TWI system offers great benefits to Rhode Island manufacturing businesses, including:

  • 50%-90% decrease in time-to-proficiency for new hires
  • 25% reduction in non-value-added work
  • 25%-50% less turnover
  • Higher labor efficiency due to a more flexible workforce
  • Long-term savings that allow for more specialized hiring


Take Advantage of TWI Today

Contact us today to learn how TWI – manufacturing Training Within Industry – can build your team and leader capabilities as part of a thoughtful workforce development program. Email or fill out the form on this page.

Class Outlines

Click on any small image below for a flyer on the TWI course, including a class outline. Manufacturing training can be delivered on-site at your facility or through digital platforms.