Manufacturing Innovation Challenge

The Polaris MEP Manufacturing Innovation Challenge was an exceptional opportunity to look at our business from industry experts. It led to an internal discussion to clarify who our customer is, and to create processes to help end users pull products through the distributor channel—this is creating a lift in business.

Michael Black
President, National Marker

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How We Help


Sharpen your vision

Sometimes the viewpoint of an outside expert is just what you need to see what’s really going on. Whether you’re staging for rapid growth or creating a pathway to succession, the Manufacturing Innovation Challenge can help you ensure you’re on the right track.


Practical advice from experienced professionals

Innovation and growth aren’t just about dreaming. The Manufacturing Innovation Challenge team helps your leadership embrace these concepts and identify new practical strategies for success. Once the leadership team is focused on shared priorities, implementation is more likely to be successful.


Beyond the SWOT analysis

True growth comes from understanding where you are, and where you want to be. The Manufacturing Innovation Challenge team will lead your team through a 360-degree review of your company, identifying what sets your company apart from the competition and developing priorities to turn your growth vision into reality.


Been there, done that

Our Manufacturing Innovation Challenge team has helped more than 50 Rhode Island manufacturing companies discover their unique elements and improve their potential for innovation. We can help you define what sets you apart and prioritize your resources, clarifying the road to greater success.

Strategic Focus

  • Focus your company's time and resources
  • Move forward with clarity and renewed determination
  • Get primed for growth

The benefit was having someone ask, 'Why are you doing it this way?'

Chris Goodwin
VP and Sales Director, Goodwin-Bradley

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