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In this video, learn how a Business Operating System (BOS) can address leadership frustrations common to small and mid-sized manufacturers.

Businesses that don’t have an operating system may often feel like they’re out of control: no one is on the same page, employees are all rowing in different directions, the same problems keep popping back up, and there’s inefficiency everywhere – and accountability nowhere. 

A Business Operating System (BOS) provides a structured and disciplined approach to managing and growing your business. Most large companies, such as Toyota, Danaher, and Boeing, employ a formal business operating system to manage their business, however an operating system is just as essential for small and mid-sized manufacturers.

In this video, learn

  • What a BOS is
  • How to know if you need a BOS
  • The key elements to sustaining a BOS: People, Process, Cadence

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