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by | Oct 4, 2022

by | Oct 4, 2022

Screenshot of articleThe Providence Business News reported on a two-part event kicking off Manufacturing Month. The program was hosted by Polaris MEP and the Rhode Island Manufacturers Association.

From the PBN coverage:

“The manufacturers gathered in part to address one of the report’s key recommendations: cultivating the next-generation workforce.

About 65% of the 150-plus companies surveyed reported that availability of skilled labor is their biggest limiting factor in growth, followed by talent development/upskilling and finding new customers …

The report also highlighted leveraging regional resources and accelerating growth and innovation as two areas the state must prioritize to support manufacturers.

The manufacturing sector represents 9.1% of the state’s GDP, according to the report, at $5.6 billion, and employs almost 40,000 people, or about 8.5% of the workforce.”

Click here to read the full article, published October 4, 2022 in the Providence Business News.

Click here to download the new 2022 State of Rhode Island Manufacturing Report.

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