by | Nov 11, 2022

Anthony Vecchione of the Providence Business News drafted this profile of how CCRI partners with Polaris MEP. The two organizations rere recognized with a 2022 PBN Manufacturing Award for Excellence in Collaboration in Manufacturing.

‘While scholars debate the merits of a four-year college education, community colleges continue to fill the gap when it comes to helping students get jobs, thanks in part to strategic partnerships with industries …

“Polaris MEP, being the industry partner, had access to a lot of different employers that they were able to bring into the college to sit down with us and review curriculum that existed and make some suggestions on how it could be improved and what gaps there were,” said Jaime Nash, CCRI executive director of workforce operations.

Nash says the goal of the program is to get people on an entry-level career path where they make good wages and ultimately get a certificate or degree.

“It’s a wonderful partnership and a great example of how collaboration can work to strengthen outcomes and reduce duplication of services,” said Lindsey Brickle, Polaris MEP senior workforce manager.’

Click here to read the full article, published November 11, 2022 in Providence Business News.