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Providing retraining for your current employees can help retain workers and avoid a gap in skilled labor. With training, these employees can learn the skills necessary to continue and advance in their roles, while also advancing your company’s bottom line.

Lindsey Brickle
Workforce Program Manager, Polaris MEP

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Direct connection to RIDLT

Polaris MEP and the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training’s “Real Jobs Rhode Island” program offer recruitment and grants to serve your immediate team development needs. We can help your company access these funds to hire and train a more complete workforce.


Increasing team value

Polaris MEP can help boost the impact of your OJT programs with cutting-edge training in areas such as lean enterprise, continuous improvement, quality and management systems, succession planning, and more. Watch your team transform before your eyes!


Transitioning to the next generation

Industry experts have described the quickly approaching retirement of baby boomers as the Silver Tsunami. Reports indicate the manufacturing sector could lose up to 40% of its skilled employees by 2024.

If you aren’t prepared, losing a large portion your skilled workforce could mean backlogs of work, decreases in quality, and unsatisfied customers. Polaris MEP can provide you with a proven training process called Job Instruction, which can help you prepare to hand over the reins in various departments.

This systematic method reduces training times by 50%, provides a process for capturing employee knowledge, and strongly supports increased knowledge retention in trainees.


Workforce partnerships in RI

Polaris MEP works with a number of government, industry, and educational workforce development partners throughout the state to hire, train, or retrain manufacturing employees. Through these partnerships, you can support your employees from the date of their first hire through the end of their career.

Commitment to Your Team

  • Get hiring, training assistance, and funding from Polaris MEP and the Rhode Island Department of Labor & Training
  • Retain your existing workforce by supporting them with training throughout their career
  • Develop programs specific to your particular hiring and retention needs

Related Results

Rhode Island is unique in that, despite our size, we have a plethora of resources and programs to meet virtually any workforce development need we are presented with.

Christian Cowan
Center Director, Polaris MEP

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