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The Polaris MEP Manufacturing Innovation Challenge was an exceptional opportunity to look at our business from industry experts. It led to an internal discussion to clarify who our customer is, and to create processes to help end users pull products through the distributor channel—this is creating a lift in business.

Michael Black
President, National Marker

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Lean Manufacturing

How We Help


Holistic analysis to target growth

The Polaris MEP Manufacturing Innovation Challenge matches your company with a team of subject matter experts with deep industry knowledge who work your leadership team to conduct a strategic review of your business. The process brings greater visibility to your strengths and challenges and culminates in a report across 8 categories. This report offers valuable insights and recommendations, allowing you to refocus your resources strategically.


Add value and eliminate waste

A staggeringly large percentage of the daily activities we perform at our jobs do not deliver value to our end customers. Polaris MEP will aid you in pursuit of a lean enterprise, increasing value to customers and reducing waste within your internal processes. The results are increased quality, lower costs, improved delivery times, and improved safety and satisfaction within your organization.


Direct connection to R&D resources

R&D can make the difference between dominating your industry and getting left behind. We can assist you in creating a strategic plan to focus on R&D while minimizing risk. This includes improving systems to review testing data, which allows you to detect and develop promising technology faster. Polaris MEP can also help you access government equipment, programs, and incentives to harness existing expertise and move you along the path to commercialization.


Sales and marketing refresh

You may have the better product, but in order to be successful, you’ll need to compete in the business development arena. Polaris MEP has you covered! Whether you need marketing or sales augmentation, Polaris MEP can help. We’ve got a host of resources to upgrade your business and turn it into a business development powerhouse.

Compete & Win

  • Get an objective determination of your competitiveness through the Manufacturing Innovation Challenge
  • Minimize waste, improve process efficiency, and deliver safer, higher quality products to your clients faster
  • Tell your story better with new marketing and sales techniques that close more business

Related Results

High Purity NE is focused on global growth, and ISO 9000 certification is a critical tool to achieve our targets. We are now able to get the attention of larger prospects.

Mark Sitcoske
President, High Purity NE

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