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Optimize Your Workflow to Improve Your Bottom Line

Rising costs have taken a toll on all businesses in the last decade. But the good news is, opportunities to reduce expenses can be found at each step of your manufacturing flow!

Wasted movements, suboptimal layouts, overprocessing, and more can all eat into your profits.

You know your products, people, and facility inside and out. With the help of Polaris MEP’s lean specialists, you can see your whole organization with new eyes, break down perceived boundaries, and perfect your operations from beginning to end.

The manufacturing improvements have saved Contech over $50,000 and increased the investment in our workforce by $20,000. With our out-of-pocket investment of $10,000, the return on investment to our company is $7 to $1. That ROI helped our organization to reinvest in the company.

Don LaChappelle
Controller, Contech Medical, Inc.

Solutions To Your Challenges

Growth & Strategy

Lean Manufacturing

Facility Layout

How We Help


Polaris MEP helps you and your team reduce waste to reduce costs.

Years of experience in manufacturing help us identify the hidden sources of waste in your processes.

We’ll train your team to eliminate non-value added activities (such as defects, waiting and extra processing) from your process. Through a continuous improvement mindset, workers will find ways to minimize waste on an ongoing basis.


Layouts can almost always be improved, even those that seem perfect. Expenses can be reduced through improved efficiency in

  • process flow,
  • material handling techniques,
  • distribution,
  • safety protocols,
  • ergonomics, and
  • machinery upgrades. 

Our experts work with you to evaluate, design and implement changes to improve manufacturing end-to-end.


Maximize results without heavy headcount increases. Our project managers and vetted third party resource partners can help you increase capacity, freeing up your team to focus on your area of expertise and production.

 “I have limited bandwidth as an engineer. Having Polaris MEP as a partner allowed us to have our resources work on other projects that also contributed to generating revenue.”

– Brian Malloy, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence


By analyzing all aspects of your business, our manufacturing experts can help you find the submerged costs that are eating away at your profits.

Even small changes can make a big impact. With the help of an outside perspective, you might find surprising savings!


A highly trained workforce is your best defense against rising expenses. Those who know how to get the most work done in the most efficient manner at the most valued assets a company can have.

Polaris MEP can help you optimize your team through

  • Lean manufacturing training,
  • Training Within Industry” Job Instruction, Job Methods and Job Relations courses,
  • Grant-funded skills programs,
  • and more!

Identify Every Opportunity

  • Understand where the waste in your processes is holding you back
  • Realign your costs with your growth strategy
  • Reinvest your savings to accelerate growth


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NEW! DDI Mid-Level Leadership Courses Info-Session

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Transportation waste decreased by 32% and yearly work content (productivity) improved by 35%. “(Polaris MEP) opened our eyes to the full potential impact of Lean and Continuous Improvement.”

Karl WadenstenPresident, VIBCO

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