Reduce Expenses

The manufacturing improvements have saved Contech over $50,000 and increased the investment in our workforce by $20,000. With our out-of-pocket investment of $10,000, the return on investment to our company is $7 to $1. That ROI helped our organization to reinvest in the company.

Don LaChappelle
Controller, Contech Medical, Inc.

Solutions To Your Challenges


Facility Layout

Lean Manufacturing

Growth & Strategy

How We Help


Reduce waste to reduce costs

Polaris MEP helps you and your team identify the hidden sources of waste in your processes. Defects, overproduction, waiting, non-utilized talent, transportation, inventory, motion, extra processing and more can all harm your bottom line. We’ll train your team to eliminate these non-value added activities from your process and find ways to minimize waste on an ongoing basis.


Lean facility layouts

Layouts can almost always be improved, even those that seem perfect. Expenses can be reduced through improved efficiency in process flow, material handling techniques, distribution, safety protocols, ergonomics, and machinery upgrades. Our experts can work with you to evaluate, design, and implement changes to improve manufacturing end to end.


Leverage our resource network

Our vetted third party resource partners can help you increase capacity, freeing up your team to focus on your area of expertise and production of maximized results without heavy headcount increases.


Minimize hidden expenses

By analyzing all aspects of your business, our manufacturing experts can help you find the submerged costs that are eating away at your profits. Even small changes can make a big impact. With the help of an outside perspective, you might find surprising savings!


Optimize your team

A highly trained workforce is your best defense against rising expenses. Those who know how to get the most work done in the most efficient manner at the most valued assets a company can have.

Identify Every Opportunity

  • Understand where the waste in your processes is holding you back
  • Realign your costs with your growth strategy
  • Reinvest your savings to accelerate growth

Related Results

At igus we keep out customer's machines up and running by ensuring rapid product delivery. Our Lean processes and components inventory enable 96% order shipment within 24 hours.

Rick Abate
Vice President, igus Bearings, Inc.

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