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Rhode Island Manufacturers: Get Your Team Ready to Build a Steady Flow of Sales with Lead Generation

If your manufacturing company has not systematically pursued lead generation before, you may not be sure where to start.

Polaris MEP’s Lead Generation program is a proven system designed by one of our Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) sister agencies, DVIRC. For more than a decade DVIRC has helped hundreds of clients, large and small, execute successful lead generation programs.

Polaris MEP/DVIRC ebook offer - Lead Generation effectiveness - manufacturersLearn what made those programs work — and what pitfalls to avoid — in this free workbook: 10 Ways to Maximize Lead Generation Effectiveness.

This eBook gathers a few important questions to consider before undertaking this or any Lead Generation service.

Lead Generation CASE STUDY: 

Corry Rubber Corporation (CRC), a family-owned manufacturer in Pennsylvania, saw their organic growth taper off. Through their local MEP, they turned to the Lead Generation Service.

  • Within the first reporting cycle, efforts resulted in four new customers.
  • One new client alone contributed $400,000 in new sales.
  • They received a purchase order for nearly $400,000 in additional annual revenue believed to be sustainable and recurring.
  • They quoted another prospect for $2.5-$5 million in additional annual sales believed to be sustainable and recurring.

“We needed somebody who could generate additional at-bats for us.  We simply weren’t getting enough opportunities to communicate our capabilities to potential customers who had problems and were in need of our chemistry, engineering, and manufacturing expertise …

In [Lead Generation services] we found a partner who not only began to communicate [our capabilities], but began by taking the time to truly understand our business and goals so that they could do so in the most effective fashion.”

– Ernie Ferro, President, Corry Rubber Corporation