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Start Date

April 20, 2022 01:00 pm

End Date

April 20, 2022 02:00 pm




Polaris MEP



Moving into a new building? Expanding your current one? 3D scans can help you increase the efficiency, speed and accuracy of your facility layout project.

3D scanning used to be something for science fiction. However, the technology is quite real and available and offers very real benefits to small and medium-sized manufacturers.

Polaris MEP has teamed up with 3D scanning specialist Christopher Wilczewski for a series of fast-paced webinars about the applications of 3D scanning in manufacturing.

The first “episode” focuses on 3D scanning when modeling or designing a facility layout. Attendees will learn how 3D scanning

  •      provides significant time savings,
  •      reduces chance of incorrect/missing data and
  •      reduces the need for return visits.


1)         Overview of how 3D scanning differs from traditional 2D measurements

2)         Tips on what needs to be scanned (spoiler alert: not everything needs to be modeled!)

3)         Understanding of how & why 3D scanning increases efficiency and accuracy (reducing cost and frustration)

4)         Mini-Success Story: Windmoeller and Hoelscher


  • Owners, Founders, senior executives of RI manufacturing companies
  • Chief Operations Officers (COOs), Operations Managers, Chief Financial Officers (CFOs)
  • Facility move/expansion team members including maintenance and engineering


Christopher Wilczewski is the Founder and CEO of Functional 3D, a 3D scanning service and consulting company based in Providence, RI.   The focus of Functional 3D is to bring the value of 3D capture technology without the large upfront costs and time associated with integrating this kind of technology.  Industries supported include commercial construction, manufacturing, design and historical preservation with projects as small as a Revolutionary War era flint to as large as a 17-story building in New York City.

Prior to starting his own firm, Christopher was an engineer and account manager at FARO Technologies, one of the leading manufacturers of 3D capture technologies.  There he had the opportunity to learn and develop workflows in various fields and organizations across the US igniting his passion for the technology.

Christopher is a member of DesignXRI and the Rhode Island Manufacturing Association.

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