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Discover the Benefits of Engaging with Fast Track to Manufacturing Trainees

Polaris MEP’s Fast Track to Manufacturing program has prepared hundreds of Rhode Islanders for careers in the sector. 

Employers who engage with Fast Track students during their training gain the favor of top-performing candidates early in the process, so that their job offers are the most sought-after once trainees graduate. This is a great recruitment strategy!

By hosting job shadows or company tours, you’re helping expand the pipeline of workers with skills most needed by your company and other RI manufacturing employers. 


A critical part of the Fast Track experience is Job Shadowing. In conjunction with training at the CCRI machine shop, trainees spend 3 days a week at manufacturing facilities. They apply their machine shop learning in real-life situations and accelerate their learning.

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“You’ve got to see it to believe it.” This old saying definitely applies to manufacturing. Most people don’t ever get to see how the magic happens on the shop floor and products are created.

Fast Track students tour companies to get a better understanding of the wide range of places they’ll be able to put their new skills to use after training finishes.

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