by | May 19, 2023

Steve Klamkin of WPRO News reports as Regan Brewer-Johnson, president of the Jane Addams Resource Corporation (JARC), opens a hub in RI to train CNC machinists for Rhode Island manufacturers.

JARC RI partners with Polaris MEP to address Rhode Island manufacturers need for certified machinists. When asked what kind of people are trainees Brewer-Johnson responded,

“We work with people that have not graduated high school or have a GED, people have been justice involved, people who have been unhoused.

We provide wrap around support services in addition to technical training. So people can not only become financialy sable and self sufficient, but grow their family wealth.”

People interested in signing up for the training program can do so at

Click here to listen to the full podcast clip, published May 19, 2023 in WPRO News.