Supriya Chaudhary, Rhode Island Manufacturing Workforce Coordinator
Supriya Chaudhary
Workforce Coordinator
Supriya Chaudhary, a dedicated professional pursuing a Master of Arts in Youth Development at Rhode Island College with an expected graduation in May 2024, has recently joined the workforce team at Polaris MEP. Her focus lies in expanding Youth Engagement + Industry Awareness activities across the state. With a background in successful training and job placement initiatives, Supriya brings a wealth of knowledge and a robust network, particularly in youth Career and Technical Education (CTE) program administration, counseling, and placement. Her addition marks a strategic move for Polaris MEP as they work towards enhancing their capacity to serve local manufacturers. Supriya is set to play a pivotal role in refining processes and implementing new strategies for the engagement, training, and placement of the next generation of advanced manufacturers.