Goodwin Bradley Engages Polaris MEP for ISO 90012015

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Company Profile

Goodwin-Bradley is a 105 year old, family owned manufacturer in Providence, RI. The company has been actively involved in the watershed moments of the transportation, aerospace and defense industries over the last century. They have proudly participated in notable projects with Henry Ford on the Model T Engine, Igor Sikorsky on the first prototype helicopters, Pratt & Whitney on the Wasp Engine, GE on the first US built jet engine, Hyman Rickover on the first atomic submarine (Nautilus), and General Dynamics on most of the submarines that followed.

From their early years tooling for metal casting, they have expanded their reach beyond the foundry industry, innovating into areas including molds for the rubber industry (especially for complex aerospace rubber seals), tooling for forming and metal parts for the aerospace industry and more. They are often involved in their clients’ design process and pride themselves on being able to do what most others either cannot or will not do.


The company was interested in obtaining ISO 9001:2015 certification as a result of client and prospect demand for the standard. They also believed that adherence to the standard would help them expand their reach further into aerospace, defense and commercial markets.


$450,000 increase in revenue and retained sales
25% increase in staff
$100,000 in cost savings
$15,000 invested in IT
$400,000 invested in new equipment

“Polaris MEP project managers have been very helpful in getting our company where it needs to be with respect to ISO certification. Their vast knowledge of our industry is a great asset and invaluable to a company like ours.”

Christopher Goodwin,

Vice President & Sales Director


Goodwin-Bradley utilized the services of Polaris MEP for ISO 9001:2015 preparation. Polaris MEP’s combined decades of ISO expertise and reputation for results were key reasons for Goodwin-Bradley’s selection.

Polaris MEP’s Project Manager helped guide the Goodwin-Bradley team with the required documentation preparation to enable a straightforward certification process. Polaris MEP helped write the Quality Manual and supporting documents, and subsequently provided auditor trainings and management reviews.

Polaris MEP’s relatively extensive experience with the newest version of the ISO 9001:2015 standard, introduced less than one year before the project, allowed them to streamline the otherwise complex process.

Upon project completion, the company is not only poised to open new markets, but also expand into those they already have a foothold. In addition, the process has helped them uncover previously unknown risk, which they are now addressing with Polaris MEP through a Continuous Improvement project.