Polaris MEP Helps Kennedy Inc. Realize Rapid ROI & Growth with Lean

“Polaris MEP helped us get faster and more reliable than ever. In less than a year, we went from scaling down staff to hiring new employees to meet increased business.”

Steve Kennedy, Owner


Polaris MEP quickly recognized that there was no issue with product quality, but identified process inefficiencies and dove into a Continuous Improvement/Lean effort to address process inefficiencies and disorganization on the floor.

Successful Continuous Improvement is not just a “one-off” exercise but a cultural change within a company. Polaris MEP and Kennedy Incorporated staff committed to this ideal and have since moved from one end of the organization to the other to uncover areas that benefited from reorganization or elimination. They also pinpointed new opportunities for process improvements and automation.

Polaris MEP prescribed a specific Continuous Improvement/Lean effort which:

  • Eliminated waste
  • Reduced non-value added activity on the floor
  • Repositioned inventory racks
  • Clearly delineated production and shipping resources to improve flow.


  • 78% increase in productivity per employee

  • Over 400% production volume increase

  • Nearly instant return on project investment

  • Rehired previous staff

  • Hiring additional staff to fulfill new business