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Women in Manufacturing (WiM) is the only national and global trade association dedicated to supporting women who have chosen careers in manufacturing. At present, more than 20,000 individual members from 48 U.S. states and from 47 countries have joined WiM’s ranks. 

As of spring 2024, we FINALLY have a chapter in Rhode Island!

Led by a team of women and allies from AstroNova and TPI Composites, a number of RI industry pros have successfully launched an Ocean State chapter of WiM. Keep scrolling to learn how YOU might be part of this new group creating positive change.

Ready to join WiM nationally, and to begin enjoying the benefits of memberships locally? Check out our WiM webpage: https://www.womeninmanufacturing.org/wim-rhode-island



Q. Can Men join WiM?

A. YES! WiM welcomes all gender identies, nationally and in RI.

Why Bring WiM to RI?

Group of women including Laurie Haruben of TPI Composites and HR leaders from AstroNova inc meeting around a table at a Women In Manufacturing WIM RI event For many years Rhode Island’s women in manufacturing have been seeking a way to support each other, build relationships, find mentors and advance in their careers.

The international Women in Manufacturing association offers many personal and professional development opportunities, through local connections, national events and online programs. 

WiM’s mission is to support, promote and inspire women in manufacturing careers and the organization accomplishes this through the delivery of powerful, effective and proven resources to women in industry and the companies that employ them. 

What is the WiM Mission? 

WiM has a dual mission with a common purpose: First, building an association that is diverse, equitable and inclusive and, secondly, supporting our members’ efforts to build workplaces that are diverse, equitable and inclusive.

WiM is a safe and respectful environment for people of all genders and gender identities; all races and ethnicities; all cultures and religions; all backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses; all sexual orientations; all ages and all abilities.

First, if you’re ready to join WiM nationally, CLICK HERE to connect with a local leader and learn tips for registering.

Next, there are three primary focus areas as we prove the need for/interest in a WiM RI chapter. Please consider which area you might enjoy helping out in, if only by sharing calls to action with other women and allies in your company!

Chapter Promotion –


Membership Promotion –


RI’s “Next Gen”  Manufacturers –

HS & College Relations

This group will be helping to organize events, create and distribute helpful content, and generally spread the word of WiM in RI.

Group Objectives:

  • Educate those working the state’s manufacturing industry about the benefits of WiM.
  • Drive  individual membership registrations.
  • Create opportunities for personal connection among RI’s women in manufacturing.

Goal (prerequisites for becoming an official chapter): 

  • 100 individual members

WiM membership is great for manufacturing companies of any size! Corporate membership covers an unlimited number of employees; dues reflect the size of each company.

Group Objectives:

  • Create awareness of WiM as a tool for employee development and retention.
  • Drive corporate membership registrations.
  • Support Corporate members in creating an environment in which all feel welcomed to engage with WiM.

Goal (prerequisites for becoming an official chapter): 

  • 3 corporate members

This group will develop a plan on how to engage academic resources on how to promote WiM in the public and private school systems.

Group Objectives:

  • Support individuals of all ages currently pursuing a certification or degree that leads them into manufacturing careers.
  • Change perceptions of manufacturing careers for students and parents.
  • Drive student registrations.

Goal (prerequisites for becoming an official chapter): 

  • Student memberships count towards the overall individual goal of 100
The more than 150 attendees included people from across the manufacturing ecosystem in Rhode Island.




>> Mar 14, 2024 – WiM Connecticut 

Rethinking Workforce Development: MASC Tour & Discussion

Learn more / RSVP at https://www.womeninmanufacturing.org/events/wim-connecticut-rethinking-workforce-development-masc-tour-and-discussion 

>> Mar 21, 2024 – WiM Massachusetts

Unleash your Potential with Pickleball

Learn more / RSVP at https://www.womeninmanufacturing.org/events/wim-massachusetts-unleash-your-potential-with-pickleball 

 >> Apr 9, 2024 – WiM Virtual Learning Series webinar

Bridging the Multigenerational Gap

Learn more at https://www.womeninmanufacturing.org/events/vls-webinar-bridging-the-multigenerational-gap 

 >> Apr 24, 2024 – WiM Connecticut

Trade Show & Happy Hour at Mohegan Sun

Learn more at https://www.womeninmanufacturing.org/events/wim-connecticut-connect-at-mohegan-sun—trade-show-and-happy-hour 


There have been three events to date in the effort to launch a Rhode Island chapter of Women In Manufacturing. Be sure to sign up for updates below to get notice of the next event!

November 29, 2023 – Chapter Development meeting at JARC Rhode Island

August 28, 2023 – WiM Rhode Island initiative kick-off at AstroNova

September 12, 2022 – Manufacturing Women’s Lunch at Polaris MEP


Membership with Women in Manufacturing (WiM) provides you with personal and professional development opportunities, including the ability to:

  • Establish meaningful connections with your peers and expand your network
  • Gain valuable industry insight and education to further your career
  • Improve leadership and communication skills
  • Participate in partner programs as well as local and national WiM events

Corporate Membership costs are based on the number of US employees at the company. For instance, if you have up to 100 employees, it’s only $1,000 a year — or only $10 an employee for hundreds of ours of online learning, free monthly webinars and more!

Learn more at https://www.womeninmanufacturing.org/membership/corporate-membership.

This is a list of Rhode Island companies and individuals who are WiM members.

Are YOU a member of WiM nationally? LET US KNOW! This will allow us to connect you with local programs as they are developed.

Are you a member of another WiM chapter such as WiM Massachusetts? WiM members can affiliate with several chapters, so you can be active in multiple locations! This “Chapter Affiliation Step-By-Step” explains how.

Corporate Members

Member Directory – Coming soon!


    Interested in programming specifically for women in our Rhode Island manufacturing community? Think you might be able to help us bring a Women in Manufacturing chapter to Rhode Island?

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