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by | Apr 22, 2021

It’s Earth Day 2021, which means “Sustainable Manufacturing” — managing operations of a manufacturing facility through economically- and environmentally-sound practices –- is on our minds.

Whether large or small, successful manufacturers know that sustainable manufacturing is good for the Earth AND good for business.

  • Minimizing resource consumption and waste leads to savings and improved profitability.
  • Sustainable manufacturing can be a powerful marketing message.
    Showing customers and prospects you’re doing the right thing can give your brand an advantage. (IF you are being truthful and avoid “greenwashing.”)
  • Greener businesses often have an advantage in attracting new workers, as the younger generation values environmentally-friendly companies.
    In 2019, 40% of Millennials told Swytch that they’d chosen a job because the company performed better on sustainability than alternative employers.
  • As competition increases for limited global resources, needing fewer materials and consuming less energy makes you more resilient.

How Polaris MEP Can Help RI Companies Manufacture Sustainably

Polaris MEP can help you identify energy savings, consult on environmental concerns and train your employees on effective safety strategies.

Here are four ways we assist small and medium-sized manufacturing companies with sustainable manufacturing:

  1. Energy Assessments

    We can help you understand modern strategies for reducing costs through energy savings. We provide you coaching and training on techniques for improving energy efficiency in manufacturing and establishing certified energy management systems (ISO 50001) available to small and medium-sized manufacturers.

  2. Environmental Management Systems

    Many manufacturers must respond to customer requirements around environmental management systems (ISO 14001) and comply with state and federal environmental regulations. Polaris MEP can help Rhode Island companies understand how environmental requirements align with company strategies.

    Solutions can reduce your operating expenses while bringing your company into compliance with current regulations.

  3. Health and Safety Services

    Manufacturing facilities can present a variety of health and safety risks to employees. In addition to the negative effects of injury, companies can be weighed down from the costs associated with preventable incidents. We have trainers and evaluators ready to assist you with a variety of health and safety concerns including hazardous materials handling, machinery operation and facilities maintenance.

  4. Connections to Resources, in Rhode Island and Beyond

    Polaris MEP is a business unit of the University of Rhode Island Research Foundation, a non-profit partner to many Rhode Island state agencies, and one of 51 centers in the MEP National Network™.

    Our Project Managers can guide you to on-demand resources such as the OECD Sustainable Manufacturing Toolkit or find you someone closer to home to implement changes.

Contact Polaris MEP today  to discuss your goals, needs and challenges. We look forward to collaborating with you on a Sustainable Manufacturing strategy that will help the Earth AND your manufacturing company, today and every day.

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