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by | Jul 5, 2017

New Breakfast Series, Manufacturing Essentials Course and Executive Level Training for Manufacturers Offered

PROVIDENCE, RI – Polaris MEP (Manufacturing Extension Partnership) and the award-winning Phoenix Partnership will be providing local manufacturers with 21st Century Lean training in the coming months. The two organizations share a common purpose that is to help Rhode Island manufacturers become more efficient and profitable through continuous improvement and lean manufacturing methodologies.

“The manufacturers we speak with are intensely focused on shortening the turnaround from lean implementation to big productivity gains,” says Polaris MEP Center Director, Christian Cowan. “We have updated our approach accordingly and are excited to get that message out.”

Beginning July 13, Polaris MEP is providing their first 3-part 21st Century Lean breakfast series. Each session will be presented in a straightforward way so attendees can translate the language of Lean Manufacturing into something understood at every level of an organization. Those interested in the series should register at: https://polarismep.org/phoenix/.

“Lean manufacturing is a term that most manufacturers are familiar with,” said Cowan. “The difference with 21st Century Lean is that you are taking a scientific approach to problem solving, utilizing high impact low-effort techniques, and applying tools to sustain the productivity you have gained.”

For their part, the Phoenix Partnership, a group comprised of leading Rhode Island manufacturers, will begin the fourth cohort of their 9-week Level 100 Manufacturing Essential Series on July 18, and the first cohort of their Level 200 Manufacturing Developmental Series on July 20. The series, part of the partnership’s Manufacturing Center of Excellence (MCE), are employer-driven training programs in Lean Manufacturing providing critical skills necessary for manufacturing employees.  Those interested in the MCE’s Level 100: Manufacturing Essential Series or Level 200 Manufacturing Developmental Series should register at: https://polarismep.org/phoenix/.

In addition, the Partnership is introducing a new, full day workshop called Executive Level Lean Training, provided by Polaris MEP. This added component is open to all in executive management.

“Often manufacturers will direct their subordinates to implement Lean because they read or heard about it, but never really provide the corporate-wide support needed to succeed,” said Lindsey Brickle, Development & Management Consultant who manages the Phoenix Partnership. “This Executive Level Lean Workshop demonstrates the real benefit of a successful Lean implementation and the positive impact it that comes with it.”

Those interested in the Executive Level Lean Workshop should register at: https://polarismep.org/events.

About The Phoenix Partnership

The Phoenix Partnership is a group of leading RI Manufacturers, led by the Brickle Group and comprised of active members Aspen Aerogels, ChemArt, ETCO, Inc., Garland Writing Instruments, Teknicote, Town Dock, Lucas Milhaupt, Amerisewn, and Edesia. The Partnership is the recent winner of the PBN Manufacturing Award for Manufacturing Partnerships and the Industry Impact Award from the Governor’s Workforce Board.  The New England Institute of Technology and Polaris MEP are training partners. The programs are funded by Real Jobs RI and provided at no cost.

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