Supporting Rhode Island manufacturers continues to be the mission of Polaris MEP.

We are working closely with state agencies including CommerceRI, RIMA and the Department of Labor and Training (DLT) to make sure manufacturing employer needs are represented related to the COVID-19 coronavirus.

To help your company, Polaris MEP has created a web page with lists of guidelines and/or links to resources that we felt relevant to manufacturing:

We will update the web page with valuable and helpful tips/news.

Polaris MEP has postponed all in-person educational and group training events for March and April. As we move to virtual learning where possible, our most important message is:

Contact us with questions, problems or needs!

While the coronavirus challenge is unprecedented, the Polaris MEP team has in-depth industry knowledge and experience moving manufacturing forward in difficult times. We stand ready to help you get connected to the right resources.

We also know that RI’s manufacturers can support each other during this challenging time. Please pose your questions or share your best practices/tips below!