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by | Aug 27, 2019

BRISTOL, RI – Composite Energy Technologies, Inc. dba Goetz Composites, has achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification for the design and fabrication of complex composite structures.

The company’s
commitment to both high quality products and processes lead to the development
of an internal Quality System. 
Implementing, expanding, and growing this system naturally progressed
towards an ISO 9001 certification, which today’s customers require for traceability
and quality control for products and services.

In order to
serve and expand into this demanding market, Goetz Composites worked toward and
ultimately achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification, offering customers and
prospective customers a significant degree of reassurance that products and
processes are controlled in accordance to this internationally accepted standard.

“With ISO
9001:2015 Certification complete, Goetz Composites is looking forward to
growing its business to support institutional organizations, including work for
the Department of Defense and Fortune 500 Companies,” said Chase Hogoboom,
President of Goetz Composites.  

Polaris MEP
was instrumental in helping Goetz Composites through the process.  Their knowledgeable and professional staff
supported the development and refinement of the quality system to follow the
standard.  Polaris also provided in-house
auditor training and review of the entire process.

“It took a village to obtain the ISO 9001:2015
Certification. The folks on our ISO committee and Polaris worked hand in glove
to pull us through.  And with this
powerful certification, we can look forward to working in a widening group
of  business sectors, for those who
understand and value ISO,” said Eric Goetz, Chief Technology Officer for Goetz

About Goetz Composites
Goetz Composites (https://goetzcomposites.com/) was founded in 2010 with a vision to transform innovative ideas from the marine sector into high-tech, dynamic composite structures across a broad spectrum of sectors.  President and CEO Chase Hogoboom brings a blend of business and shop floor experience to his position. He began his career as an intern with Goetz Boats, then came on as a Composite Technician after graduating from Brown University with a degree in Economics.

Chief Technology Officer, Eric Goetz has expertise in
weight-saving, high-strength techniques developed out of America’s Cup campaigns
and years of ship building. Eric’s knowledge has evolved over decades, from
cold molded boats of various combinations of cored wooden structures to try to
stiffen and lighten the boats, moving eventually to high-tech fibers, wetpreg
epoxy resin systems, and to prepreg composite boats with various types of

The company has utilized this body of knowledge to expand
into diverse markets such as architectural, furnishings and accessories,
automotive, aeronautical and the entertainment industry.  Goetz Composites also works with defense
contractors, energy generation companies and industrial businesses to engineer
and build structural parts and prototypes.

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