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by | Feb 1, 2022

Did you know more than 168 million people should tune into the Super Bowl this year? Fans, teams and advertisers are all looking to win.

At Polaris MEP, we’re all about manufacturing wins for our customers.

In order to win, we know how helpful it can be to implement a “Team Board.” It’s a lean manufacturing tactic that can speed your Rhode Island manufacturing companies to success.

The Team Board – a Proven Lean Manufacturing Tactic

In a new “Lean Tip of the Week” video, Polaris MEP Project Manager Nathan Bonds described the benefits of a Team Board.

Nathan recommends The Team Board be used to track your company’s (or division’s, or team’s) performance across Safety, Quality, Productivity, Delivery, Cost.

Polaris MEP believes you should never be in a process either without a scoreboard or some means of tracking. Without a way of measuring a process, how are you able to determine:

  • What is our status, good or bad?
  • Did we hit our goals or not?
  • What problems did we have today?
    • Who had them?
    • Who is addressing them?
  • What needs to be done immediately, today?

“There is an innate desire for all of us to win or pull for OUR Team,” says Nathan. “In your company, department, or work area, people show up every day to do a job well. There is nothing more frustrating than NOT knowing how you did or how to improve.”

He recalls his successes with implementing the Team Board lean manufacturing tactic at a pet food business in RI, BUPPY Pets.

Lauren Ruggiero - BUPPY Pets.Lean Manufacturing Testimonial for Polaris MEPReflecting on that experience, Nathan notes that — thanks to the Team Board — each person in the process knew what was next and when each flavor was finished. This lean manufacturing tactic was one of several that helped BUPPY Pets maintain productivity when COVID-19 hit and team schedules were affected. 

What are YOU tracking at your company or department? Do you feel a Team Board could make a positive impact?

Polaris MEP project managers can help you tackle designing and implementing a board. To pick the right lean manufacturing tactic for your journey towards better measuring your business, contact our team at 401-270-8896 or email Nathan directly at nbonds@polarismep.org.


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