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The engagement with Polaris MEP has already opened doors by meeting our channel partner’s ISO requirement. We expect that the work we have done with them will lead to even more revenue and jobs down the road.

Jeffery Flath
CEO, eNow

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How We Help


Guiding you through the options

With a variety of standards available, it’s important to avoid wasted efforts and identify the most valuable ones for your company to meet. We can help you work through your options, needs, and opportunities to ensure that your compliance efforts produce a real return for your company.


Finding the holes in compliance

Once you have determined which standard you want to meet, Polaris MEP will work with your team to assess the distance between your current state and full compliance. Completing this analysis provides you with a sense of project scope for implementation.


Documenting policies and procedures

To prepare you for your certification audit, Polaris MEP facilitates the development of your key corporate documentation, alongside your team, to conform with your chosen QMS. This includes aligning your quality manual, organizational procedures, and work instructions with your new standards and requirements. With the right written materials in place, your entire team can stay on the same page as you move forward.

Empowering your team to prepare

With help from our subject matter experts, your designated internal auditor will learn key concepts for your chosen QMS and will acquire the skills needed to conduct successful internal audits. Innovative exercises will help your auditor thoroughly understand the purpose and responsibilities that come with this new role.

Attaining New Standards Opens New Markets

  • Meet industry regulations and customer requirements
  • Improve policies and procedures
  • Minimize risk to your organization

Related Results

Polaris MEP project managers have been very helpful in getting our company where it needs to be with respect to ISO certification. Their vast knowledge of our industry is a great asset and invaluable to a company like ours.

Christopher Goodwin
VP/Sales Director, Goodwin-Bradley Co.

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