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Compliance Can Help You Tap Into New Markets

One way to approach the challenge of regulatory compliance is to implement Quality Management Systems (QMS), which can open the door to new customers and industries.

Are customers demanding that you demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet their requirements? You’ll likely need to be ISO 9001 registered.

Want to demonstrate environmental performance through more efficient use of resources and reduction of waste? ISO 14001 registration can do that.

Want to sell to the DoD? You’ll need to be Defense Acquisition Regulations System (DFARS) compliant to ensure appropriate cybersecurity protections are in place.

No matter which standard is required, we can help you attain and maintain compliance.

The engagement with Polaris MEP has already opened doors by meeting our channel partner’s ISO requirement. We expect that the work we have done with them will lead to even more revenue and jobs down the road.

Jeffrey Flath
President and CEO, eNow

Solutions To Your Challenges


Quality Management Systems

Technology Acceleration

How We Help


With a variety of standards available, it’s important to avoid wasted efforts.

Polaris MEP will guide you through the options. We take time to deeply understand your needs and opportunities,  and identify the most valuable standards for your company to meet.  This ensures that your compliance efforts produce a real return for your company.


Once you have determined which standard you want to meet, Polaris MEP will work with your team to assess the distance between your current state and full compliance.

Completing this analysis provides you with a sense of project scope for implementation.


To prepare you for your certification audit, Polaris MEP facilitates the development, alongside your team, of key corporate documentation to conform with your chosen QMS.

This includes aligning your quality manual, organizational procedures, and work instructions.

With the right materials in place, your team can stay on the same page moving forward.


Polaris MEP has trained dozens of designated internal auditors at manufacturing companies across the state of Rhode Island. Each learns key concepts for your chosen QMS from our experts. 

Innovative exercises will help your auditor acquire the skills and thoroughly understand the purpose and responsibilities that come with this new role.

Attaining New Standards Opens New Markets

  • Meet industry regulations and customer requirements
  • Improve policies and procedures
  • Minimize risk to your organization


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Navigating through the ISO paperwork and requirements seemed daunting at first. But the careful and organized guidance of our Polaris MEP Project Manager made the whole process attainable and even interesting. Jeff helped us design a management system that both fit and served our company. I am indebted to his help.

Mary Emerson
Owner, RI Heat Treating

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