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The engagement with Polaris MEP has already opened doors by meeting our channel partner’s ISO requirement. We expect that the work we have done with them will lead to even more revenue and jobs down the road.

Jeffery Flath
President and CEO, eNow

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How We Help


Measuring the distance to go

Gap analysis is about assessing the distance between your current situation and full implementation of your chosen QMS. Completing this analysis provides you with a sense of project scope for implementation.


Documenting policies and procedures

We facilitate the development of your key corporate documentation to conform with your chosen QMS. This includes aligning your quality manual, organizational procedures, and work instructions with your new standards and requirements.


Ensure QMS adherence

In this two-day training session, your auditor will learn key concepts for your chosen QMS and will acquire the skills needed to conduct successful internal audits. Innovative exercises will help your auditor thoroughly understand the purpose and responsibilities that come with this new role.

Preparing for your audit

We’ll work with you and train your team to get ready for the appropriate QMS and put you in the best position possible in advance of your audit.

Show Customers a Higher Standard of Quality

  • Open up new markets
  • Reduce waste and make production more consistent
  • Increase employee performance and training

Related Results

The impact from our engagement with Polaris MEP on the ISO 9001:2015 project is ongoing. I would rate them a 9 out of 10. No one gets a 10 as no one is perfect. I never check off '10'.

Earl Faria
President, Spectrum Coatings, Inc.

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