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Polaris MEP helped us get faster and more reliable than ever. In less than a year, we went from scaling down staff to hiring new employees to meet increased business.

Steve Kennedy
Owner, Kennedy Incorporated

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Manufacturing Innovation Challenge

Quality Management Systems

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Show compliance, earn new business

Many industries, like defense, aerospace, automotive, healthcare, and food have standards that manufacturers must meet before they can become a supplier. Whether it’s QMS standards like ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485, AS9100D or DFARS cybersecurity, you must comply in order to play the game. Polaris MEP can guide you through the whole process, step-by-step.


Innovate to stay on top

In many cases, your product is your business. When it comes to product development, you’re only as good as your last innovation and the competition is right at your heels.

Polaris MEP can help you partner with URI faculty, inventors, and other RI manufacturers to bring new technology to market through sponsored research, capstone projects, licensing deals, and more. With the right resources in place, the next meaningful advancement in your industry could come from your workshop.


Uncover hidden opportunities

When it comes to growth, you need someone who’s scaled up a company before. Our seasoned growth experts can help you clarify your vision, value proposition, and target markets, and then create marketing and sales collateral that hits home with your prospects and customers.

Marketing and sales techniques are not one size fits all. Polaris MEP can match you with a marketing and sales expert that knows where you’re coming from (and how to get where you want to go).

Clear messaging that attracts

To stay competitive, you need to market yourself with great photography, crisp design, and clear value propositions. To follow up effectively, your website and marketing tools need modern functionality to convert visitors into leads and leads to into customers. Polaris MEP has developed a network of vetted professionals who can help you get the job done with impressive results.


Eliminate waste, increase throughput

When your team is focused closely on value-added tasks, and other work is minimized, you get more product out the door. Through Lean strategies, you’ll eliminate the 8 wastes: defects, excess processing, over production, waiting, inventory, transportation (or excess moving), motion, and under-utilized talent. The result is a significant increase in capacity and quality.

Your Biggest Year Starts Here

  • Expand into new markets through QMS compliance
  • Stay ahead of the competition through investments in R&D as well as facility and process improvements
  • Develop your team and increase your market reach
Grow Sales

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Our biggest customer, a recipient of the Shingo Prize, is pleased with our Lean manufacturing initiative. A recent visit has led to the possibility of a large increase in business.

David Miale
President, Apogee Precision Parts

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