Rhode Island Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to Partner with Rhode Island Blue Economy Technology Cluster (RI BETC)

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by | Aug 24, 2022

by | Aug 24, 2022

Providence, RI, August 23, 2022 –  The Rhode Island Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (RIHCC) will work with the Rhode Island Blue Economy Technology Cluster (RI BETC) to raise awareness in the Latinx community of the economic opportunities that will be presented by the growing Blue Economy. “The Blue Economy is a super-sector that draws together a diverse group of industries and is expected to grow rapidly in the coming decade,” said Oscar Mejias, President of the Chamber. “The Chamber is pleased to have the opportunity to work with RIBETC to make sure that Latinx populations that historically experience higher rates of unemployment and lower opportunities of participation in contracting are aware of the emerging job and business opportunities and are well positioned to take part in and benefit from this economic opportunity.” “Growth in the Offshore Wind industry alone is expected to create 20,000–35,000 full-time jobs on the East Coast by 2028 along with business-to-business opportunities related to this expansion,” said Peter Rumsey, Chief Business Development Officer and RI BETC Lead at the URI Research Foundation. “Working with the Chamber and other community partners is a critical step in making sure that all communities benefit from this economic growth and that there is a focus on inclusion.” The University of Rhode Island Research Foundation (URIRF) is leading the effort to support the development of the Rhode Island Blue Economy Technology Cluster (RI BETC). RI BETC is a group of over 100 stakeholders working to improve long-term economic development and strategic planning that leverages Rhode Island’s physical assets and community resources within the Blue Economy. Ensuring that this engagement continues and expands, especially engagement with those who have historically not benefited from economic opportunities, requires guidance from entities like the Chamber that are embedded in those communities. Community Based Organizations wishing to work with RI BETC to raise awareness in their communities of the economic opportunities associated with the Blue Economy should contact RI BETC to learn how they can become involved.   About RIBETC:  The Rhode Island Blue Economy Technology Cluster (RI BETC) is working to set a new 21st century definition for the Blue Economy; one that is, at its core, economically resilient, environmentally sustainable, and centered on equitable economic development. This new vision for the Blue Economy will span seven industries: ports and shipping, defense, marine trades, ocean-based renewables, aquaculture, fisheries, and tourism and recreation. Backed by a diverse consortium of industry, government, philanthropic, non-profit, and academic partners, RI BETC will establish Rhode Island and Southern New England as the leading global center of the Blue Economy with equity and sustainability at its core. You can learn more about this project at BETC | Blue Economy Technology Cluster (ribetc.org)   About RIHCC: The Rhode Island Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (RIHCC) is a proven 501 (c)(3) organization whose critical mission is to represent, promote and support the economic development of Rhode Island’s rapidly growing Latino business community.  Since its inception, RIHCC has made significant strides in supporting Latino business growth through implementing training programs, spearheading networking events and creating a multipronged platform of support for culturally sensitive communities. (www.rihispanicchamber.org)


Media Contact: Christine Smith, Director, Special Projects – Blue Economy Technology Cluster; cmbsmith@uri.edu

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