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by | Aug 6, 2021

Manufacturing is dead last among career choices for Americans between ages 18 and 24.

That’s what a report from Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute shows. Is it any wonder that despite US manufacturing activity hitting a 37-year high this past spring, half a million factory jobs remain unfilled?

Let’s work together to change that perception.

During my visits with companies these last few months, the number one concern manufacturers have shared with me is the lack of skilled workers. There simply are not enough people to fill the current job openings.

What is “Manufacturing Day”?

There are ways you can help to promote manufacturing as a career pathway. October is Manufacturing Month in Rhode Island. October 1 is “Manufacturing Day,” a nationwide effort that empowers manufacturers to come together to address collective challenges, so we can help communities and future generations thrive.

Manufacturing Day is a great opportunity for you to promote manufacturing and, in particular, your company as a great place to work. You can choose any day in October as YOUR “Manufacturing Day” and open your door to the workers of tomorrow.

Host a Manufacturing Day #MFGDay21 event

How to Get Involved in Manufacturing Day 2021

Here are some ideas from the Polaris MEP team:

  • Host an in-person tour for area students and parents — partner with the local high schools to promote
  • If you can’t host tours, go virtual with your tour!
  • Bring a demo to an area school or CTE program. It’s like a “taste test” of a manufacturing career.
  • Register virtual or live events at Creators Wanted, the national Manufacturing Day website.
  • Create a video about your company that includes interviews with your diverse workforce so tomorrow’s workers see someone who looks like them. Bonus: these videos can be shared throughout the year.
  • Partner with organizations like EdgeFactor or the National Association of Manufacturers who offer free resources for companies to help them promote manufacturing careers in the fall.
  • On social media, share photos from the factory floor of workers making what matters. Add a relatable sentence or two about why they enjoy their jobs. Give each post a hashtag of #MFGDay21.

Whatever you choose, tag Polaris MEP or email us the details so we can re-share, boosting your messages. I’m happy to talk through other ideas with you.

If you do schedule an event, let me know! I would be honored to be a part of it.

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