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Improving Energy Use Management

With energy costs constantly rising during these tough economic times, the release of the new ISO 50001:2011 Standard for ‘Energy Management Systems’ will provide benefits for both large and small organizations.  The ISO 50001:2011 Standard provides a framework for...

Steering the Ship

In my years of implementing continuous improvement strategies the single most important factor of success has been a good steering team. That is the team of leaders responsible for improving the system. Many of you may think that this is common sense but none the...

Common Challenges in Layout Planning

Common Challenges in Layout Planning

BY Carl Dwinnells, Polaris MEP Project Manager (retired) Companies decide to do facility changes for any number of machine reasons, from adding new equipment to incorporating a new business they’ve just purchased. If yours is one of them, sharing some of my experience...

Slaying the QMS Monster

Slaying the QMS Monster

One business owner told me: ‘I have been in this business for over twenty years and make a better product than my competition, but I can’t get the business if I don’t become certified.’ Piles of Paperwork? In the ‘old days’ (1990’s), quality management systems were...

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